As I go...

I have found that even the beginning of this journey has been hard and a struggle. I guess that all the hardships of living a life untrue to the soul has prepared me for this journey, but I really thought it would be easier somehow....

After I first found out that I was not crazy or perverted, that I had a solvable problem, I lit up like firecrackers. I had always thought I was "gay" as I liked women. Society has to label you, and at times I accepted the label, I knew no different. Different I was, but not in a way I thought about. I never dated gay women, I didn't hang with gays, my whole life revolved around the "straight" community I thought of myself as a guy, but no one else did, and I learned to live with it.... or so I thought.

Tuesday May 6, 1997, one month before my 43rd birthday, while at a therapist to discover why I led such a self destructive (not suicidal) life, I found out there was a name for what ailed me ... Gender dysphoria. The whole world came to a halt as I took this in. I was not "gay", I was not perverted, I was not a going to live a lie anymore, I had a future, I was not alone, I was not alone.

The journey I had longed for all my life, the feeling of wholeness, the feeling of purpose, the feeling of a future. Everything in my past fit, the puzzle was nearly done and the end was in sight.

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