October ... way on down

Well the time finally came, the car was gone. And with it my job (delivery). I spent a few days wandering around, and then got a job. With no tips coming in it was kinda lean, but with no car, I wasn't going places to spend much money. But then came the kicker... I was being kicked out. One of my roommates stopped talking to me and started making me feel like a piece of dirt. I don't know why, she just acted like I was a major pain. Very superior. I can't understand that, because by her own admission, she'd been in rough spots before, too. You think she'd have been the first to help, but no, she was the first to kick me and seem to enjoy it. I was informed that I had 14 days to get out. Wonderful.

Actually if I could have I would have gotten out sooner. If there is one thing I hate its being somewhere you're not wanted. My stomach was in knots all the time with the tension of feeling like a pariah. Now all thoughts of the things I needed to do for my journey were pushed back by necessity.

It's hard to look for a job when transportation is a problem and you have no idea where you are going to live, so I spent hours on the bus, looking for places and work. Couldn't afford an apartment, no deposit, so I looked for rooms. Then I went to my favorite hangout and hid the rest of the time.

Actually, all this was good in a way. Everything I had had as a female was gone, I was starting fresh. Not much old baggage, so I figured it could be a good thing, if I let it. I had a new life to start, and I was starting from scratch. My resolve returned and my head went back up to high. The end of the month loomed and I got moved (another pain) into temporary lodgings, and began to pull my dignity back together and my pride and my purpose. Sometimes starting fresh can be a good thing. I had some new friends, smart and open and living in the real world. And now, so was I again.

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