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    My Carolina Panthers are headed to the Super Bowl, and I am so Psyched.  My best friend is mad at me, my lady of 12 years seems to have forgotten me and I have no job.  So some good, some bad.

Facial hair is progressing, I have a few patches that are not growing as much as the rest, but side burns and parts of my cheeks have a nice amount.  The problem is that the hairs are light and soft and you can hardly see them.   My mustache is also lightening and softening.  I got some mascara and used it on my mustache and beard, and it works wonders.  If you look at me from the side, my beard is still sparse, but from the front it looks great, like a close cropped beard.  No one has really said anything, but it is a perfect time to keep growing it.  At work the guys made fun of its sparseness, but now I just see family and friends and people I don't know mostly, so I don't have to put up with tasing.  Grow beard grow.

    Panthers lost the Super Bowl but it was an awesome game.  Still haven't heard from my love.  W had an uncomfortable talk before she went out of town to visit family for the holidays.  I didn't think it was any big deal, but apparently it was.  I am just giving her time to figure things out.  It wasn't about us as much as some of the things in her life.  I don't fit in well with them, and I think she is avoiding me to avoid dealing.  Oh well, we shall see.
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