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These links are for knowledge, information and support.  The open-minded, seekers, & community are welcome.  Small minds and closed hearts please go elsewhere.


      From True Spirit 99: The 10 Most Damaging Myths about Transmen & FTMs
10. All FTMs come from the lesbian community, and after transition are heterosexual. (That is, attracted to    women.)
9. Transsexualism/transgenderism can be "cured" by psychotherapy. Transsexual men are really just            lesbians.
8. FTMs did not exist until after World War II, with the advent of hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.
7. Female-to-Males are far rarer than Male-to-Female transsexuals.
6 Transmen seek to live as and be recognized as male in order to obtain male privilege and economic advantages.
5. All transmen exhibit stereotypically male behavior and want to be as macho as possible.
4 Taking testosterone makes Female-to-Male transsexuals much more aggressive and angry than they were before taking hormones.
3. All FTMs want genital reconstruction as the driving force of their transition, not necessarily the social aspects that go  along with masculinity.
2. Historically, all women only chose to live as men to pursue careers that were otherwise unattainable to them, to seek  economic opportunities, or to justify lesbian relationships.
1. Transmen are really just butch lesbians who change sex to justify same-sex relationships or to avoid harassment.

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FTM Pages Web & resources pages of the guys out there on the web. Their stories, experiences, trials and triumphs
General TG Links FTM resource pages as well as general TG/TS resources, directories, local organizations and general information
Medical Info Testosterone information, transitioning help, Doctors and Therapists info.
Legal Info What's involved in transitioning
Articles & Advice Lots of info from professionals and those in transition, both male and female.
Spirit and Soul Lots struggle with their religion or spirituality while transitioning, see how others cope and flourish.
Passing Packers, binders, other products, tips.  Job and dating advice and info.
Chat  Talk to others, connect and feel a part of the community.

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FTM Pride Ring

Join the FTM Pride Ring

Here it is guys a ring just for us, please take the time to consider joining. 
All FTM's welcomed as well as anyone with specific resources for FTM's. 
Lets make this ring rock and be as complete a resource as possible for us all.   ...
A word here if I may.  This ring is for those who Identify as male only.   There are many lesbians, butches, stone butches, dykes and many others who seem to think it is cool to occasionally ID as male and then attach to themselves the label of FTM.  This is not what this ring is about.  It is about men.  Men who are in process of, or have begun the transition to be male.   Men who have changed their lives, and their bodies to align to the imperative within their brains that they are male.   There is no wannabe mentality in these men,  just one fact we all share.   We are men, and we want the ability to live as we should have been born. 


Transgender Spirituality Ring

Join the Transgender Spirituality Ring

This ring is for those who struggle or have found peace in their religion or spiritual quest.  Open to all faiths and beliefs.  Share your story, trials and triumphs with others


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