and the care of your soul and heart

There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female;
for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:28


Writings and Articles

The Spirit of Transgender by Holly Boswell

Transgender Pride - speech by Vanessa Sheridan

Is Transgenderism wrong? - by Rev. Lauren René Hotchkiss 

Our School Systems - Being a GLBT youth in out schools.  Check out the Education bill of rights for GLBT's

Conversations with God About Gender - by Laura

Is Yahweh FTM - Interesting and amusing little article on the origins of the Hebrew words for GOD.



Whosoever - Online magazine for GLB and Transgendered  Christians.  Great Articles,  Poems, Sermons, Bible study and even humor on being Transgendered or gay. 

Tuckers Intersexed and Transgender Spirituality Links - about 60 links to Organizations and Info

TransFaith Online

Inner Discovery Network - A place of support for those who still feel the love of "God" or "Higher Power" or "Source", a place of growth and self-discovery.

Yahoo Groups - TG Spirit - forum for discussion, debate and discourse on transgender spirituality. Members of all religions are welcome.

Gay Spirituality and Religious Resources - mostly gay oriented, but the issues and searching are much the same for transgenders.  Lots of resources.

HeartStrong - info and support for the GLBT persons who have attended, are attending, employed by or are associated with religious institutions.

EastBay Voice - Website for the GLBT community of greater EastBay (Oakland area).  Links to churches of various faiths, and organizations.



Dr. Becky Allison - Great pages, relaxing, and a ton of research done on things of interest to TG/TS community


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