notes on gender transition - by Anne Vitale PhD. articles and essays from a G.I.D therapist. Also info on what to expect in therapy. Really helped me get a grip on what I was going through when I first started looking for info.

The Challenge of Transgender - by Callan Williams

What Transsexuality is


International Journal of Transgenderism - Electronic journal for the transmission of scholarly work in the area of transgenderism.  Original articles from medical and legal professonials as well as reprints from earlier works such as Harry Benjamin's Standards of care.  Find out what the medical and legal communities are saying about who and what we are....

Free E-Books from the International Journal of Transgenderism
The Transsexual Phenomenon by Harry Benjamin
Sex Reassignment: Thirty Years of International Follow-Up Studies SRS: A Comprehensive Review, 1961-1991
Transsexualism: A Study of Forty-Three Cases  by Jan Walinder

Gianna E. Israel Gender Library A therapist for transgenders who writes for many different trans mags and net places.

Our School Systems - Being a GLBT youth in out schools.  Check out the Education bill of rights for GLBT's




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