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Passing Tips

... Passing tips  - by Andy (and others) - been around awhile, but still a good general guide for those just starting

... MenStuff - the National Men's Resource.  Issues important to men, as well as health issues, relationships, parenting and more. 

... Andrews Passing Tips - more tips for looking the way you feel.

...  How to tie a Tie and other guy tips

.. A guide to Packing

.. How to Pee Standing Up



... FTM Personals - Yahoo Groups hook up area for FTM's.  Submit your personal ad and photo here.

Employment Issues

... Transgender employment links

...  Center for Gender Sanity lots of employment info and links including
             Planning for transition on the job
            Help for employers with Transsexual Workers
Transsexual Workers: An Employer's Guide  book you can order
            Working with a Transsexual: A Guide for Coworkers  book you can order

Aids and Products

... Mango Products - Introducing the MANGO, the packy that look great, feels great, and allows you to GO like a MAN.  (I'll be ordering one soon, I'll let you know how it works,,,,)

... Morris Binders and Vests - great product.

... Compression vest  from Advanced Bio-Technologies

... Compression vests  from

... Back Support as a binder.   (I use one of these being large.  I also use a Morris vest over it to smooth out any puffy areas, and to make sure it stays in place as it gets older and the velcro wears.  Works well for me.)

...  Camouflage Prosthetics - penile prosthesis, looks real, but expensive, worth it if you have the cash..

...  TravelMate urinary product

... Mederma - Scar treatment for after surgery, burns

... Kelo-Cote - Scar management topical gel 


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