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Articles and Definitions

.... What Transsexuality is

.... Transgenderism

.... International Journal of Transgenderism - Electronic journal for the transmission of scholarly work in the area of transgenderism.  Original articles from medical and legal professonials as well as reprints from earlier works such as Harry Benjamin's Standards of care.  Find out what the medical and legal communities are saying about who and what we are....

.... Free E-Books from the International Journal of Transgenderism
The Transsexual Phenomenon by Harry Benjamin
Sex Reassignment: Thirty Years of International Follow-Up Studies SRS: A Comprehensive Review, 1961-1991
Transsexualism: A Study of Forty-Three Cases  by Jan Walinder

....  Gianna E. Israel Gender Library A therapist for transgenders who writes for many different trans mags and net places.


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Local Orgs

.... Ingersoll Gender Center - in Seattle

.... TGEA's (Trans Gender Educational Association) site, in DC, with lots of local links and groups, but also a good deal of info for all.

.... the Twenty Club Great site for the New England Area, but their General Resources are really Terrific. Lots of effort and research into name changes for all states, passports, and more. Worth a long look.

 .... Tarheel Transmen - North Carolina, support and hopefully to come, social info for the Tarheel State guys. 

 .... Nashville T Men

 .... FTM Alliance Of Los Angeles








.... Transgender in Thailand - news and articles.

.... TS Brotherhood of Sweden

.... FTM Australia

.... FTM London

.... Press for Change (UK)

Great MTF Sites

Diane Wilson - Differently Gendered - Great Site!!!  Writings, Humor, Art, and more.  Love some of her writings, I can identify with many, although from an opposite view, but I always enjoy poking around in here. 


Gay Sites with some TG/TS resources

.... GAY AMERICA  - National Guide to GLBT Bars, Business, Destinations, Drag Stars,
 Entertainment, Events, Infotainment, International Sites, Limos, Literature, Media, Organizations, Restaurants, Spas, Shopping, Sports and Travel 

.... Alternatives Pride Emporium  -  pride shopping, gay, lesbian, toys, videos, leather, flags, pins, jewelry . NO TG/TS stuff that I can see, but for those interested in GLB stuff, it's got a lot.


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